Vero Beach Global Advisors
If you rebuild it...

Vero Beach Global Advisors came to me looking to fix CSS that was causing a lot of layout problems. The result was so much more.


Originally this project was to consist of fixing poor CSS that was output by Muse. Once I started digging into the code, I could see the issues went deeper than merely CSS. The old site was built using Muse to WordPress which meant the site's content couldn't be updated in the CMS.

Also there were a lot of SEO issues such as alt tags not displaying. Instead of only fixing the CSS I proposed a complete rebuild of the site using my custom Bootstrap theme and the robustness of the WordPress CMS.


The design of the website was previously done. It was my job to make sure it rendered the way it was supposed to. I ensured that I created the website with a pixel perfect match to the mockups which included four different break points.


The most important part of the redesign for Vero Beach Global Advisors was the website being mobile ready. I'm a mobile-first kinda guy and through multiple rounds of tweaks, revisions and testing I made sure that this website looked good across all devices.

And the backend is so much more user friendly. All content, from the words to the images, across all pages can be easily edited or swapped by an admin.

in Tampa, FL.