Summer Moves
A small business owner looks to make an impact on the web.

Celeste Summer needed to create a website to help her market her company Summer Moves.


Summer Moves was a full end to end development experience. Because she had no existing website, much more effort was put into understanding her aesthetic and desired look and feel. She also needed to be able to update parts of her website often, so she could use the site as the centerpiece of her marketing efforts.


Celeste is an energy medicine practitioner. Immediately this made me think of movement and flow. We decided on a simple yet elegant curved design in the header and footer of the site.

There are additional design elements that add to the site's personality. The navigation bar elements float when hovered over. The title font is curved and relaxed.

But we didn't forget that she is running a business so we prominently displayed her contact information in the upper right of each page, never out of site of a potential client.


Behind the scenes, custom fields were utilized so that Celeste could easily update information without the need of a developer. Creating custom workflows like this can reduce maintenance costs associated with your website.

in Tampa, FL.