Reznikoff LLC
A lawyer needs to make an updated point.

A quick upgrade with a purchased theme.


This project took a very outdated website and gave it a quick refresh by using the Consulting WP theme.


Sometimes you may think that because a theme is being used that there is no design thought put into a website. This couldn't be further from the truth. Many times clients will see a theme they love, purchase and install and and wonder why it looks nothing like the demo they saw.

This is why hiring a developer with these types of projects is still beneficial. I can look over the content and images you have and then figure out how to best lay them out so they really make an impact.

And that was the case here. Using just a few images and the site's old content, we were able to drastically update the look and feel of the website in short order.


The Consulting WP theme is powerful. Though this website doesn't use many of its features, it is a great pick because the clients has plans to expand their web presence int he future and this theme will be able to grow with him. It's more cost effective to tweak a design than to build one from scratch!

in Tampa, FL.