Naples Global Advisors
A custom build for custom financial advice.

A clean, polished, professional look is a must-have in the financial services industry.


Naples Global Advisors is a fast growing financial investment advisor that works with clients who have $1 million+ in liquidity. A run of the mill website won't attract those kinds of clients. A UX designer I've worked with on other project reached out to me to build the custom website they had designed.


I was provided Photoshop templates from which to work from. Working with pixel perfect attention to detail, the website was built to spec at the four breakpoints provided.


This website is built on Bootstrap and is responsive through and through. Using a bevy of custom fields, all of the images and content is easily managed by an admin. In fact, they have updated the home page slider many times! All without the help of a developer.

A fun challenge on this build was creating the rotating sliders that appear on the homepage. The client specifically wanted these rotate in a group, not one by one. This presented a challenge when viewing the site on mobile because I didn't want items to get skipped! In the end, I created two sliders from the same content one for desktops and one for mobile devices. Problem solved.

in Tampa, FL.