Lauren Fritsky
Expanding the brand beyond only blogging.

As her career has grown, Lauren Fritsky wanted a website that showcased all of her skills.


Lauren Fritsky is an accomplished blogger whose journey took her around the world where she eventually landed in NYC. She currently works for the company MediaMath which added a host of new skills to her resume. She wanted to build to be a showcase of her writing, freelancing and marketing abilities.


For the design of this website, we took inspiration from many of Lauren's favorite sites and condensed them into a single one-pager. She wanted to big header image that encompassed her brand and drew in the readers attention.

The portfolio section is the bread and butter of the site. Imagery that entices and functionality that allows the user to find exactly what they are looking for create a professional, modern and accomplished look and feel. Lauren wants to position herself as available for hire and that made the decision to bring the most color to the Marketing Services section to draw the readers attention.


This website is built on Bootstrap and is fully responsive across all devices. The WordPress dashboard is customized so that updating content is easy to find, manage and update. All images are optimized for the speed and the web. Very few plugins were used on this build which keeps the bulk down and the speed up. The total page size for this very long one pager is just 1.49MB and it loads in two seconds on GoDaddy's basic shared hosting plan.

in Tampa, FL.