Global Yodel
A complicated website needs upgrading.

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Many businesses rely on their websites to drive exposure and sales and Global Yodel is no different. When it comes time to update the WordPress core or plugins on the site it can be nerve-wracking for site owners to make those updates for fear they may bring the site down. Using a developer that knows the right process is key to zero or little down time.


This project was about keeping the great design up and operational while making a lot of key plugin and core updates. This starts with making a backup of the website before starting in on the updates. This client uses WP Engine, which has one of the easiest backup processes out there. With a snapshot of the site in hand, the process of updating the core and plugins could start.

I was careful to also do quality checking across the site as I updated each plugin. This way I could be sure that all of the site's functionality remained intact and if there was an issue I could easily identify the offending plugin.

In the end, there were no issues with the upgrade. The site experienced zero down time which is what every business owner loves to hear.


This client has recently come back to me to help them install SSL on the site. I love being able to work with clients again even if it has been a couple years, as was the case here. I take pride in being my client's technical partner, not merely their developer, and nothing proves that mantra more right than when I get their repeat business.

in Tampa, FL.