From Way Up High
A travel blog needs a refresh and refocus update.

From Way Up High is a travel blog about the adventures of Helen Anne Travis. She wanted to modernize her website.


From Way Up High is full of great content and Helen Anne wanted to be sure it was front and center. And with so many stories on the site, Helen Anne wanted to ensure her readers could find exactly what they wanted about a destination.


To focus the reader on the content, we went with a full-width layout to reduce distractions.

And to provide better navigation, a filter was inserted on each destination page so the user can filter by Eat, Drink, Know or Explore. When one of these is selected, those stories filter to the top and the others fade away! I bet you're thinking of ways this could be used for your site.

Another nifty design feature is the scrolling author box on posts. This helps promote sharing of the article as social media platforms are easily accessible whenever the reader wants them.


This responsive website looks great on all devices. The content is editable from the WordPress backend by Helen Anne.

Custom post types were specifically created for this website so that Helen Anne, or someone she hires, can quickly understand how her website functions. Custom workflows like this make Helen Anne's job of running her website simple.

in Tampa, FL.