Cheap Flights From Tampa
A Stripe integrated membership site.

Who doesn't want to fly for cheap?


Cheap Flights From Tampa is a personal project of mine and Helen Anne Travis. Born out of a love for travel, we wanted to bring our flight hacking skills to the masses. The site is a full membership site with an account options page for premium subscribers, has role-based content permissions and is fully integrated with MailChimp.


For the design of Cheap Flights From Tampa, we wanted a feeling that was light and fun yet still conveyed a sense of seriousness. For the color scheme we decided on a bright blue and green to serve as the pop colors. Large images of the destinations really attract the reader and help them fantasize about taking that trip. We chose the Nunito Sans font because it represented the right balance of fun and business.

In order to create visual interest, decided on a simple yet sophisticated overlapping theme. Where content is put 'closest' to the reader while images feel like they are further back. A simple visual trick to increase reader engagement.

The UX/UI was mocked in Sketch and feedback iterations were captured with Invision.


This website is built with the end user in mind. Each page has added descriptive custom fields that make updating content a breeze. The site looks great and works across devices of all levels. Load times are super quick. All done with the focus of getting users to enter their email address.

Under the hood, the site is built on a custom Bootstrap framework theme and uses a heavy dose of Sass with a smattering of jQuery.

in Tampa, FL.