Burruezo & Burruezo
A law firm wants to the spread the word.

Bertha Burruezo wanted to create new marketing material.


Lawyers attend a lot of conferences. And at these conferences they meet a lot of people in a short amount of time. Bertha wanted marketing materials she could hand out so new contacts could stay in touch.


Using inspiration from the website, we created a summary of what their business is all about as well as resumes that showcased their impressive histories and accomplishments.

Bertha very much wanted a simple, clean design that wouldn't distract the reader from what their business does. By using color strategically, we created marketing materials that inform as well as pack a good design punch.


I really enjoy using my UX skills to create branding materials. A lot of the concepts overlap and finding creative ways to present what many may consider boring content is something I Iove to do. I even printed these up at a local FedEx store and delivered them to her hotel while she was attending a conference in Tampa. I don't ind going the extra mile for my clients.

in Tampa, FL.