November 8, 2017
Why Businesses Should Choose WordPress

Why Businesses Should Choose WordPress

Maybe you’ve heard all the hub-bub (that’s a technical term) about WordPress – that everybody’s using it, or that the whole entire Internet runs on it – and you’re curious if it is right for your business.

A recurring theme, though I think it is starting to fade some, is that WordPress is only for bloggers. I’m an accountant. How would WordPress work for me?

Others understand that WordPress is a Content Management System, but don’t realize what else it can do for a company that has a lot of needs outside of publishing. I need user management, permissions, memberships and payment portals? Can WordPress do all that?

Well, dear business owner, I’m here to tell you to have no fear, if you can dream it, WordPress can build it.

Let’s look at the compelling reasons why businesses should choose WordPress, whether you’re starting your very first website or you’re updating your existing site.

WordPress is free and open source.

  • WordPress is free to download and install. Open source means there aren’t any limits or restrictions on what you can use it for. Whatever your business, WordPress can be customized for it. Right off the bat we can forget about any legal repercussions from using WordPress.

WordPress is search engine friendly.

  • Just installing WordPress itself helps you drive traffic to your website. It has a logical architecture hierarchy, it’s mobile-responsive and allows you to easily add meta-tags to your content. Its core code is clean and consistent, making it easy for search engine spiders to parse your website. Add in the Yoast SEO plugin and you’ll be ranking in no time. Long story short, WordPress enhances your SEO efforts.

WordPress is mobile-responsive ready.

  • A responsive website is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have and WordPress is here for you. WordPress supports a responsive grid system and there are many responsive themes to choose from. Or have someone like yours truly build you one to your liking so that your website looks and functions properly across all devices.

WordPress is secure and well-supported.

  • Though it is fairly straightforward to update WordPress, you’d be surprised at how often this gets forgotten, exposing a website to malicious attacks. Since version 3.7 WordPress helps you out by automatically updating.
  • And if you do run into an issue, chances are someone else has had the same problem. Because of WordPress’s popularity, the support community is very large and it’s likely someone already solved that question in your head.

WordPress is flexible and customizable.

Here are some of the ways that WordPress can be customized for your business. This ‘Flexibility’ list could go on forever. There are thousands of plugins and themes to choose from so that your website will look and function exactly how you want it to. Here are some of the heavy hitters:

  • E-commerce
    • WordPress integrates with many payment portals like Stripe or Paypal, allowing you to easily sell your accounting services around the country.
  • Community
    • Through a commenting system, forums or a full social integration system like BuddyPress, WordPress can help you closer connect with your customers to build trust and loyalty.
  • WordPress is more than a blog, but it’s really, really good at blogging.
    • A good SEO strategy must include consistent content creation. WordPress makes this easy because the native content editor has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Word. If you ever have made edits to a Word doc you’ll have no problem doing the same in WordPress.
  • Email campaigns
    • Want to gather subscribers for your newsletter? Integrations with services like MailChimp make it easy to provide that right information at the right time to your customers.
  • Membership Management
    • If you want to create subscription or membership tiers, integrating with a plugin like MemberPress allows you to sell different levels of access or premium products in a flash.

You’re probably starting to understand why you’ve heard so much about WordPress. It gives anyone from the first-time blogger to the multi-million dollar company the ability to do exactly what they want on the web. WordPress can make your vision a reality. So what are you waiting for?

Have any questions about WordPress and how it could be used for your business? Shoot me an email at and let’s talk about it.

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