The Life That Broke
A travel blogger wants to document her adventures.

Lauren Fritsky is a travel blogger who lived in Australia for years before moving back to the States to live in New York City.


Lauren was looking for a website where she could share both her life as an ex-pat and her life as a new mother and resident of New York City. She is an energetic, fun-loving person who wanted her site to reflect her personality. The main purpose of her site was to share content from the different phases of her life's journey - ex-pat life, home life in the U.S., motherhood and travel in general. This framework was the basis of the site's design and build.


To portray the fun-loving, adventure-seeking spirit that Lauren embodies, I decided to make a splash with an oversized header that immediately attracts the attention of the reader. We called out her two main locations, New York City and Sydney, to give hints to what this blog will be about. And the dashed plane paths in the shape of the world immediately conveys a sense of travel and adventure.

This header display is simplified in the footer to bring the theme throughout the site.

The font selection here was very on purpose. A little smaller than some sites, it conveys a delicateness that adds to the overall look and feel.


The website utilizes custom fields so that Lauren can update the site whenever she pleases. On her 'Hire Me' page she provides examples of the work she's done, and it's a lot, so we decided on an accordion presentation to assist the reader in navigating it.

The site is responsive and looks great on all devices.

in Tampa, FL.