Nancy Mueller
A professional speaker wants to showcase her skills and past clients.
Nancy Mueller

Nancy Mueller's professional website was in need of a new look and feel.


When she first approached me about this project, Nancy was clear she didn't want to lose any of the content from her old site. She was looking for a better way to package it for her readers while giving her professional speaking brand more polish.


In order to meet her goals, I first put together a wireframe of a proposed layout for organizing her content. Tabs were a good choice for this situation. Tabbed content allows for a lot of descriptive text to be used without cluttering the user interface. Customers can easily navigate to what is important to them and then expand the tab to find additional detail.

To add some visual interest and fun, I used some cool graphics and inserted them to the periphery of the content to add visual cues about what the user is reading.


This responsive website looks great on mobile and tablets. All of the content on the site can be edited by Nancy without me, allowing her to tweak her message if desired.

Having social proof, i.e. recommendations, was important to Nancy as she has built many successful relationships. Those are included at the bottom of every page and every time a new page loads new recommendations appear.

in Tampa, FL.