June 19, 2017
Two Simple Steps For More Email Security

Two Simple Steps For More Email Security

This is a quick and simple cPanel email authentication configuration that will add more security and authentication to email going to and coming from your domain.

Let’s walk through an example. I set up the email address webdesign@greggall.com on the domain www.greggall.com. Spammers looking to spam can find this address and attempt to send from it to make their junk emails look legit or they can try to send to it to attempt a phishing scheme.

Well…not on our watch they won’t!

To help stop spammers we can enable two methods of email authentication which let mail providers like Gmail know that email sent to and from this domain is legit.

The two methods are enabled through your cPanel – one verifies incoming mail and the other outgoing mail.

Method #1 – Domain Keys Identified Mail

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a method of verifying incoming mail that verifies the sender and integrity of an email. It proves that incoming emails were not altered by spammers on their way to your domain.

Method #2 – Sender Policy Framework

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a validation system four outgoing email that attempts stop spoofing. Email spoofing is when a spammer attempts to send email through your email address to make it look legit to the person receiving it.

SPF takes IP addresses (think of an IP address like a physical address or telephone number that can be used to uniquely identify a computer, tablet or smartphone) and adds them to a list of servers that can send mail from your domain.

SPF verifies that messages that your domain send originated from the listed server, which reduces the amount of garbage that you receive.

To learn more about these settings, check out the cPanel documentation.

Setting Up cPanel Email Authentication

Here’s how to set this up. Enabling both of these couldn’t be easier.

1.) Log in to your cPanel and find the Email section. Click on Authentication.

2.) Select Enable for both the DKIM and SPF methods.

3.) Move on with your life.

That’s it! This literal five minute configuration change to your account will reduce the likelihood of you being spammed or someone spamming in your name.

Interested in beefing up your email or website’s security? Contact me at webdesign@greggall.com and let’s lock it down.

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